Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes! We pride ourselves on our reputation to consistently and reliably deliverer high-grade magic mushrooms and shroom-infused products to our members. Our members rely on us to deliver top quality products at the best prices in a safe and discreet manner. You can contact us with any questions you may have – our knowledgeable staff will be eager to assist you.
We ship all our products in airtight, smell-proof, vacuum-sealed packages. Your order will arrive in a discreet, unmarked package. Your real address and name must be on the package to ensure proper delivery. Shipping to major centres takes 1-3 business days and rural locations 3-5 business days. Shipping couriers does not ship on weekends and holidays.
We understand that most people require discretion. So, we use generic prepaid envelopes or a plain white box to package your items. We then vacuum-seal and bubble wrap the contents for maximum discretion, protection and to seal in the freshness. There is nothing written on the outside of the envelope that would advertise that you are taking magic mushrooms so no nosy neighbours would know it is anything other then a regular package from the post office. You’ll be provide a tracking number so you can track your order.
Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders over $150. All orders are shipped expressed and come with a tracking number.
Micro-dosing means to take a miniscule/non intoxicating dose to achieve the benefits to health. It is the administration of doses so low that they will not provide a full body effect but high enough for a cellular response and positive change.
Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain psilocybin and psilocin. These substances are hallucinogens and have been used by people for thousands of years. There are over 75 subtropical species of magic mushrooms. Since many species look alike it can be hard to tell them apart. The two compounds in magic mushrooms (psilocybin and psilocyn) are hallucinogen, thus consuming them will provide an altered state of consciousness to the consumer.
Yes! At Medicated High Life, we believe in giving our customers the ultimate experience when using shrooms. That’s why we only offer the highest quality of products from the best and most reputable sources and growers. As magic mushroom enthusiasts ourselves, we personally sample and test all products to ensure they meet our highest standards. Don’t take our word for it, read our customer website reviews and product reviews.
Batteries and Cartridges: All cartridges and batteries should be tested with the driver when the items are first delivered. To claim a free exchange for a non-working battery or a cartridge, the test must be done during the first delivery. If a non-working item is confirmed in the test, a free exchange will be scheduled immediately. Customers may refuse the driver’s offer to test the cartridges or batteries, but doing so may disqualify the possibility of exchanges or returns.
Customers must verify the contents of their order with the driver before the delivery is completed. Our office must be notified immediately by the driver if anything is incorrect or missing from the order. Customers who refuse this procedure of verification will waive all liability to replace missing products upon departing with the driver. Missing items will be sent out with the next available driver. For customers located within a greater distance, we will schedule redelivery for the incorrect/missing item on a later date, free of charge.
A driver will ALWAYS call you first before arranging physical meetup. This is mainly for your safety so that you know exactly who too look for and what car you should be expecting to meet you. A driver will NEVER approach your vehicle without calling you or texting you first. Do not open your window for anyone.
Yes. As long as it is not on Federal/government grounds, a driver can safely make the delivery to you. Please keep in mind that driver does not leave their vehicle.
Your order will be placed on hold in a queue and fulfilled the following day.
On average, 1-3 days from the time we confirm your order and depending on your order location distance we might communicate the time with you.
We accept any valid, non-expired government issued identification such as Driver License or a Passport.
Bitcoin, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, Apple and Google Pay and more as indicated at the bottom of our home page
No, you do not need a medical marijuana card to place an order. You only need to be 21 & Over.
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