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The Gelato strain is a hybrid (55% indica/45% sativa) bred from the popular Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. Its buds are large and super dense; dark forest green in color covered with rich purple and orange hairs with a thick sticky coat of visible resin droplets. Gelato tastes just like its name – sweet like sherbet with a fruity and citrusy flavor profile. This dank bud is not only delicious but also brings on a high that is head-heavy in nature but not quite to full sedation. It starts with a cerebral head rush followed by uplifted euphoria and a slight sense of focused energy. A sense of peace and well-being have been commonly reported as an after effect from smoking the Gelato strain.

Gelato is a sweet and flavorful hybrid that will leave you feeling euphoric. It has an aroma of lavender, blueberries, and cake. Novice users should be cautious as this strain can deliver powerful cerebral effects within minutes of smoking it.

Gelato strain is a new and innovative type of cannabis that’s been used to boost the health benefits for those who suffer from pain, anxiety, migraines. Gelato is a strain of cannabis that produces an uplifting, euphoric feeling. This bud has sweet sherbet and blueberry flavors with orange as well to give it a little kick. It’s perfect for people who suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasms because the gel-like consistency helps soothe muscles intensely while the strong THC content provides relief from inflammation or brain fog caused by headaches/migraines or lack of sleep.You may be surprised by hearing this but gelato strains exists! It was developed as an alternative form of treatment for people with chronic conditions such as arthritis or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Gelato strains are bred without THC in order to create only CBD which has no psychoactive effects so you can take it day after day at your own pace when it comes to dosage amounts.

THC Level: 20%

Flavors: Pine, Sweet, Berry, Citrus

Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Calm, Relaxing, Uplifting, Focus

Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms, Headaches, Migraines


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gelato Strain Deliver a Good High?

Gelato is a popular strain because it has a reputation for having enjoyable and strong effects. Many people who have tried the Gelato strain say it gives them an intense, long-lasting high that is both relaxing and energizing. The strain is a mix of indica and Sativa, giving the right amount of physical relaxation and mental clarity.

Some people have said that the high they get from the Gelato strain is “euphoric” and “uplifting.” They also feel happy, creative, and focused. Some users say that the effects of this strain can be very relaxing, which makes it an excellent choice for easing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

What Does the Gelato Strain Feel Like?

Gelato strain is known for having a wide range of physical and mental effects. Many people who have tried the strain say that it makes them feel calm and relaxed while also giving them a sense of mental clarity and focus. Most likely, the strain’s calming effects come from its Indica genetics, while its stimulating and energizing effects come from its Sativa.

Some cannabis users say that the Gelato strain gives them a “body high” that makes them feel calm and relaxed. Others say that the effects of this strain can be euphoric and uplifting, making them feel happy and euphoric. Overall, the Gelato strain is known for giving a high that is both relaxing and energizing simultaneously. This makes it a well-balanced and enjoyable experience.

Is Gelato Strain Suitable for Beginners?

Gelato is often recommended to first-time users because its effects are known to be well-balanced and enjoyable. Since this strain has DNA from both Indica and Sativa, it can relax your body and clear your mind at the same time. As a result, it might be appealing to people who have never tried cannabis before or are looking for a more balanced high. ‘

However, it is essential to remember that a single strain’s effects might differ for different people and that what’s right for one beginner might not be suitable for another. Always start with a small dose and work your way up.

Does Gelato Strain Turn Purple?

When Gelato is in a specific environment, it may take on a purple color. During the flowering stage, cannabis plants may turn purple if exposed to cold weather. This is because the anthocyanin pigments in the plant might stand out more when it is cold. This can lead to buds between purple and red.

It is also possible that the Gelato strain’s purple or crimson colors come from its genetic background. People think that the strain came from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet crossing. Both of these strains are known for making buds that, under the right conditions, can turn purple or reddish. But you should know that not all Gelato strains will turn purple. This is because the exact plant’s genetics and the environment in which it grows can affect the color of the plant that grows.

Where Does the Gelato Strain Originate From?

Most people agree that the Gelato strain was made in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. The strain is popular and highly sought-after due to its sweet and fruity flavors as well as strong and well-balanced effects. It is thought that the strain was made by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, two popular strains known for their strong effects and strong flavors.


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