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MAC and Cheese is an organic well-balanced hybrid strain with a THC level — 25%. Sativa 50%, indica 50%. This is the cross of MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) and Alien Cheese. It is a strain that was bred a couple of years ago. Very rare and unique weed in Canada.

MAC and Cheese has thick, zesty citrus notes that are balanced out by floral accents with a sweet, earthy and sour cheese note. This hybrid offers mellow, relaxing effects and a blissful mood that doesn’t completely knock you down. In combination with its super high 25% THC level, this strain is perfect for treating such conditions as chronic pain, mood swings, fatigue, depression, and stress. The most important effect is stimulating the mind and enhancing cerebral activity. Some enjoy MAC and Cheese for tackling their hobbies as creativity has been sparked, while others like to use it to lounge in front of the TV or play video games.

THC Level: 25%

Flavors: Zesty, Citrus, Floral, Sweet, Earthy, Sour, Cheese

Effects: Mellow, Euphoria, Bliss, Body Buzz

Medical Uses: Chronic Pain, Mood Swings, Fatigue, Stress, Depression, PTSD

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