One up bar Raspberry dark chocolate


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One up bar Raspberry dark chocolate bar

One up bar Raspberry  Psychedelics Mushroom chocolate bar happens to be the best convenient way to ingest psilocybin and get high and whoever finds this is in luck. At magic mushrooms company, we use real golden teachers to produce delicious bars. One of the best and most effective ways of reducing anxiety, dealing with bi-polar disorder or even depression. We try to manufacture these psychedelic bars at their purest and most effective forms. Our bars happen to be so tasty because we use cocoa and a special blend of psilocybin as our initial ingredients. 3000 mg of psilocybin per square are contained in this our formula. 10×300 mg of psilocybin are contained in every piece.
Our bars are healthy and will be the best way for any beginner who wants to indulge in magic mushrooms.
Our bars are made from powerful psychoactive nutrients that produces a numbing and euphoric high.
The high is so effective as it begins just after 20 minutes after the consumption of our bar.

You can find one up mushroom chocolate bar raspberry online or in select dispensaries. It is available only in the United States, so it will cost you around $10. It is mail order only and will arrive in the mail, so you can take your time with it. You can also try the one-up mushrooms on your own, but be sure to follow the dosage directions carefully. It is important to share the One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar with your friends or family before consuming it.

One up bar Raspberry


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One up bar Raspberry dark chocolate