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Wonka bars are crafted from the purest ingredients.This classy chocolate bar taste smooth and creamy,and is ideal for cannabis enthusiasts with a love for chocolate and THC.Wonka Bar edible has broken up all your favorite candy bars, cookies, and breakfast cereals and combined them with cannabis-infused chocolate to create a delicious chocolatey treat. At 300 mg per Bar, each piece can be taken on its own or cut in half to create an even smaller dosage. A few bites at the beginning of a movie will leave you heavy-headed and happy by the end. Please enjoy responsibly.

Nothing beats the mouth-watering combination of chocolate and cannabis.This bar can be divided into 15 equal squares which makes for a super convenient way to micro-dose your THC.


These chocolate bars are made with pure cocoa and cannabutter. 500mg per bar and great for microdosing.
Available in :
Cookie Dough
Fruity Pebbles
Thin Mints


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Wonka Bar Edible